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Support Coordinators, Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, and Social Workers are capacity builders. Our goal is to help you build skills to understand the NDIS and make the most out of your NDIS Plan. 

Support Coordination

Support Coordinators can:

  • Help you understand your NDIS Plan.

  • Connect you with funded, community, and mainstream supports.

  • Support you with plan budgets and tracking spending.  

  • Help prepare for plan reviews, and support you through the meetings.

  • Negotiate services with providers.  

  • Support you to overcome barriers and manage complaints. 

Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordinators can:

  • Help you to understand and use your NDIS plan effectively. 

  • Connect you with funded, community, and mainstream supports and help you to overcome barriers to engagement.

  • Help to reduce complexities or barriers which stop you from working towards your goals.

  • Use specialised approaches to address your support needs. 

Recovery Coaching

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches can:

  • Help you to build capacity and resilience.

  • Connect you with appropriate supports and help you overcome barriers to working towards goals.

  • Support you to stay engaged with supports through difficult times. 

Social Work

Social Workers can:

  • Link you with appropriate supports.

  • Help you to identify and overcome barriers to reaching your goals. 

  • Support you through life stage transitions. 

  • Help you to find and maintain housing. 

Note: If you don't have Support Coordination in your NDIS plan but you require similar support, you can access social work through our service instead. 

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