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Support Coordination is a funded support in NDIS plans where Participants require support and assistance to use the NDIS plan. 

Support Coordinators are capacity builders - our goal is to help you to develop your understanding of your NDIS Plan so that you can make the best use of it and build your skills to use it more independently over time.

A Support Coordinators role can include: 

  • Helping you to understand your NDIS Plan.

  • Connecting you to disability-specific, community, mainstream supports.

  • Helping you to understand budgets to stay on track with plan spending.

  • Helping you prepare for plan reviews, writing supporting reports and supporting you through the review process. 

  • Negotiating prices of services and service agreements. 

  • Helping you manage any complaints or issues you may have.

If you have more questions about how a Support Coordinator can support you - reach out to a Support Coordinator, your LAC, or your Plan Manager for answers!





Social work is a support that can be funded through your NDIS Plan. Social Workers can help you to manage and coordinate certain areas of your supports. 

A Social Workers role can include:

  • Supporting you with the coordination of life stage transitions and planning.

  • Helping you access mainstream employment or education pathways.

  • Supporting you to access and/or maintain accomodation or tenancy. 


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